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First Trading Day of February Monthly Options Expiration Week DJIA Down 9 of Last 17


In addition to being Valentine’s Day, next Monday is also the first trading day of February’s monthly option expiration week. Traders looking to roll or exit positions may begin first thing next week. Since 1990, Monday or the first trading day of the week has a bullish record. S&P 500 has enjoyed the greatest frequency of gains, up 23 times in 32 years with an average gain of 0.26% on Monday. Russell 2000 is second best since 1990 with 21 gains. However, since 2005 the day has seen less bullishness with DJIA down 9 of the last 17 and its average performance slipping to just 0.09%. S&P 500, NASDAQ and Russell 2000 have held up better over the last 17 years when compared to DJIA.

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